Inspired by:

Writing in journal/ sketchbooks

Happened as a way to have a portable studio that I could carry around  wherever I went. Through them I have discovered the reason I connect to things that I want to paint.

I now have over 130 journals, which show the process of my development as an artist.  I use them as a resource for my work. I find affirmation in this primary source material!

This inspired me to put a Process page in my website, and to se my Instagram site as a tool to share how the images that I see and make, finished or not, help me to build and develop the body of work.



Check the good reads link  below to see what some of my favorite books are right now!


Getting ideas from observing...

I began to reflect on water in all of its forms.  I was thinking about it being a precious resource essential for life. We ended up driving to Niagara Falls to pick up a new puppy! On the way to the waterfalls, I could not take my eyes off of the magnificent cloud structures I was viewing. I made a note about just how much water means in our lives in all of its forms: 

Clouds as vapor, influence our weather. In liquid form , they provide us with water for our bodies to live,  bathe, clean. water our crops and create energy. When frozen, water moderates our planet's temperature!



What inspires you?