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It all started when...I made my first mark on paper with a crayon. The action of drawing makes imagination visible and real. If I can imagine it, I can make it.

 And I did. 

My drawings and paintings attempt to capture "evidence of things not seen"   in ordinary moments in life.. They are here for you to view and if you are interested in knowing more about a piece or purchasing, you may do that on this site and/or contacting me here.

 You. Yes, there is someone else on my mind, you!   I want to share my work... and also convey my way of working. Friends  have often asked me how they can become  more creative. So I began this blog, after creating art my whole life and teaching art for 20  plus years..

 I believe that everyone can be an artist in their life, with whatever materials they choose.  

Being an artist is a way of working that begins with observing life and can eventually end up transforming both the creator and the viewer. The amazing surprise is that the principles of art apply, no matter which materials you use,. There is a very real art to living, with or without the crayons. That is what my blog is about… how to realize your own creative possibilities in living. 

I love that you took time to stop by to see my art, read my posts...I am honored and thrilled!  

Definitely  leave me a note with your thoughts. It makes me outrageously happy when you do! So be in touch and leave your thoughts in the comment box to the RIGHT.

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