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Your perception changes everything

" I believe that in the indeterminacy of drawing - the contingent way that images arrive in the work- lies some kind of model of how we live our lives. The activity of drawing is a way of trying to understand who we are and how we operate in the world."

William Kentridge

Funny, I was just beginning to write this blog about  being aware of how you look at things, people and life. What you focus on determines how you feel and then what you will create in your own life.

Then my saavy husband walked in with a video being shown on the Museum of Modern Art site,currently showing the artworks of  William Kentridge, artist from South Africa. When asked if art can change the world, William Kentridge claims its power is in us seeing and hearing the work. He detects strong influences in his life related to how he perceived the work of others. So the artist can affect us on a gut level and it helps shape us and directs our attention.

The artist, as well  is searching to find out who she is and articulate what she thinks by making marks, objects, videos in a visual language that is personal and visceral. Each of us is searching to define ourselves and our world. When we look, listen and respond...that is when the art initiates change!

Have you ever listened to music that just reframes your thinking every time you hear it? There are many songs that do this for me . Yesterday, I was at a yoga class when"Landslide". by Stevie Nicks came on. Landslide by Stevie Nicks always anchors me because I connect it with an amazing event in my life. It reminds me of an important turning point in.

Do you remember a dance, a song, a piece of music, a movie, a play, a poem, a book, an article that cuts through the chaff and touches and changed your heart? Can you think of art that affected you and how?  I'd love to hear about it in comments or share on twitter!

Here's a succinct and  honest post about Genius, misunderstood as a bolt of lightning by Seth Godin. It explains the process of creating.