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You see, those breathtaking clouds are beautiful, weightless water

crowd of clouds  941     solarplate print     2017       bybeth vendryes williams

crowd of clouds  941     solarplate print     2017       bybeth vendryes williams

Just as melancholy, that raincloud of the mind, expands our capacity for creativity, so does actual gloomy weather — clouds, it turns out, offer something possibly more tangible, certainly more pragmatic, than “contemplation [that] benefits the soul”; their proverbial silver lining is more than proverbial...               Maria Popova 
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I have been admiring the ever-changing clouds in the sky, remarking about their overwhelmingly sculptural appearance and fluid movement. Water has been on my mind a lot lately. In fact, I have just exhibited a Solarplate print called  “rushing waters’, at New York Studio School Gallery in August. After that I was inspired to do more work about “water” , using the technique of  Solarplate printing. 
 While driving through NY state this summer, I spent lots of time just looking and taking letting clouds become my focus! It dawned on me that they are “just” water, too. They are cycling water up to the sky, shading the earth from the heat of the sun, and raining back down to water the earth.

Why I feel so inspired by clouds…
They can look so delicate and ethereal and yet, may times colossal and ponderous. Always beautiful. Endlessly changing. sometimes threatening.

Clouds give our imaginations room to wander. We can even fly through them, although they look like you can walk ON them. And they are vital to our existence because they are beautiful and they bring water to us!           
                       beth vendryes williams


What am I doing about it….
I am making art and collecting ideas about water in its different forms. I am playing with its connections with our very own earth and the people on it, celebrating and investigating our connections, in my work.  

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