make art. transform life.

thoughts about creativity and  art:   live your life as your work of art.

Wield the power to become what you imagine!

[picapp align="none" wrap="false" link="term=fencing+sabre&iid=275210" src="0271/3a69a6e1-e9ae-4730-9abe-7c6b8ecaf6a7.jpg?adImageId=8718412&imageId=275210" width="319" height="480" /] It is all about how you perceive yourself, how much  time and resources you think you have. If you have always desired to create make something happen, like a business, a book, a job, a sculpture, a trip, a degree, learn a language you can.  If you have always wanted to love what you do and work at what you love, you can!

And now is the perfect time to start.

A fresh new year is upon us!  I know, you've made new years' resolutions before, only to fall away before the end of January. So have I.  My successful resolutions  have been nurtured organically, gently and consistently. I  found a very helpful site! Leo Babauta of ZenHabits has done it again!  He has come up with a method of making resolutions that is simple, clear and productive. His site for this purpose is 6 changes. Please be sure to check it out for the specifics!

I am so motivated that I have already chosen 6 things I want to transform. As you might have already guessed, the first is my artwork. Actually, I just want to work more regularly and often on it. I already have the time slot in place for it, but am currently not making the best use of the time. Sometimes I am tired or don't feel I have enough room or time to create what I want. Sometimes I don't know what I want to create because I have so many ideas and lose focus. Since I also teach art full time, my time has to be focused and well defined.

Leo's suggestions are well defined on 6 changes method, I will choose a trigger event to precede my work, work without pressure, taking small steps . I am making a public commitment on this blog by posting and reporting on my progress. Beginning January 1, 2010, I will be making 5 art journal entries and two paintings a day . I will be posting one daily on this blog with a link to all of them on my website.

So, I would love to know what habits you would like to empower yourself with to elicit change in your life. We can support each other in our goals. You can contact me in comments here or on twitter at bethvw.

I'm in. Are you?