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Why being creative is the next best thing!

home by bvw Creativity is becoming increasingly important in the world theses days. As we struggle to find solutions to the problems an issues that are currently preoccupying us, vast knowledge is not enough! Daniel Pink writes in his book "A Whole New Mind",

"Today, the defining skills of the previous era_ the "left brain: capabilities are no longer sufficient. And the capabilities we once disdained or thought frivolous- the "right brain" qualities of inventiveness, empathy, joyfulness and meaning- increasingly will determine who flourishes and who flounders. For individuals, families, and organizations, professional success and personal fulfillment now require a whole new mind."

How can you incorporate more creativity in your own life?

Change your perception.

Yes, that's right. Change how you look at things. When I was in high school, in Latin class, my teacher taught me that if the world was overwhelming us take a walk to an imaginary mountain nearby, and climb to the top. Then look at the troubling situation from a different perspective. I never forgot that gem of a suggestion. It changed my life.

Changing your viewpoint opens up all sorts of options that you never noticed before!

Try it and let me know how it changes your life.

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