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Where do we get new ideas?

  trees       by bvw



As I work in my studio, I have begun to list all of the ideas that waft through my mind when I am just waking in the morning, walking, participating in a conversation, and reflecting afterwards. I have decided to look through my main journal and then write the main ideas down in small color coordinated Moleskine  journals.  I think that is my equivalent of the box system that Twyla Tharp mentions.  Apparently, she creates a box for each concept that she is interested in developing, and begins to fill the box with anything that could possibly expand that idea. I like the organizational structure. Now when I have an idea, drawing, connection, metaphor that relates to my concept, I will have a place to put it where I can easily reference it!

I follow the blog of Clara Lieu, an artist and teacher, who I have never met, but discovered  online, while looking for references to dealing with transparent layers, which I work with in my art. She has amazing work, is consistent in her way of working, and extremely articulate at describing her process. Reading her blog is a unique opportunity to get to know her rendition of the creative process. Definitely worth following!

I found this link on her blog concerning new ideas..Try it!

 And as Twyla recommends, write/draw things down before they are forgotten!