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Vacations work on "kairos" time!

on the road It felt like a week away, but it was only two days!

"Kairos" time is determined not by the amount of time you spend, but by your presence and focus. Sometimes when I am painting, a lot can happen in a half an hour and it seems like a couple of hours: or I can paint for two hours and it can feel like 10 minutes! So the quantity of time according to the clock means nothing!  I first heard about this kairos time in one of Madeleine L'Engle's books.  I believe it was in "A Wrinkle in Time".

In good company, I traveled with my dear sister on the ferry on a beautiful day! The distant mist, bright sunshine and constant breeze created an atmosphere of relaxed kairos time. I gathered my pencils to draw and paint in my journal.

The tree and the roadway are both memory journal sketches. You will see a drawing from a young artist friend here also!

Reading "the power of NOW" by Eckardt Tolle, inspires and reminds me to draw  and be fully present in the now moment as well.  Try it.... Whether you paint or cook or plant flowers or enjoy he sun and breeze!