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Thinking tool 2: Create an image in your mind, then go!

Expanding the power of visual images is thrilling to me.

Imagine, just holding an image in your mind's eye is the way to solve a problem, create a new situation or invent something new! Do you find it difficult to believe that visualizing something is the beginning of making it real? Are you tempted to think that was the magic of a child's world?

Think again. Just one example...Years ago I developed an image in my mind of an art studio that I wanted to work in. It is getting its finish coat of paint now! Where your thoughts are is where your physical efforts will eventually go.  Creating a picture in your mind is one of the most powerful ways to envision an idea across all disciplines.

To increase your own ability to image:

  1. Acknowledge and recognize images in your mind and how you use them.
  2. Collect images in your mind on a regular basis and in response to other stimuli. See if you can expand the image into other areas of sensual stimuli.. can you smell the flowers that you are imaging? What does it feel like to have a studio that is my own space?
  3. Make art in whatever medium you like.Write, draw, sing, bake. Pay attention to your visual images when you process scientific and mathematical concepts.

This  is the way to make your ideas really happen!

In my own experience,  when I make an image in my mind's eye many times it seems to happen of its own volition. Now understand that I am not just imagining it once. It is a consistent envisioning that develops as I think about it. It also may not happen in the time frame that is what I desire at the time. I have been constantly surprised when something I really wanted to accomplish even years  years ago, is suddenly appearing in my life. Like the studio.

Hey, I wonder if I've just given myself the recipe for developing a concept in my work? To review it daily in my mind...allow it to change with my inner imaging and influences from experiences, reading and contemplation....just put pencil, crayon and paint to paper or canvas and let it become visible!

I'd love to know ...have ever imaged something and then had it happen to you? Share your thoughts in the comments.

See Zen Habits for a very useful guide to creativity and  a study the Number 1 habit of creative people.For those of you that like to nap (I am definitely a fan!), this is the perfect guide for effortless imaging at Michael Nobbs, the blog: drawing inspiration.

Also read Steven Pressfield's writings about creativity an other thoughts at his website, and this post  there about Jonathan Fields and the creative process.

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