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thoughts about creativity and  art:   live your life as your work of art.

Organizing the art studio....

...making more time and space to create! ...Just another expression for reflecting upon and readjusting priorities to suit where I am now! Looking at it that way makes it much more motivating to get to that seemingly mundane job. The bonus is that after having sorted my work by both size and medium, I can now find a piece in a matter of minutes instead of hours! This makes it possible for me to inventory and document both past and present work. Above is a my finished product.However, organizing is a process and needs to be addressed daily. I love it when it looks like this, though! (I read a lot to make my art, thus the library at my fingertips!)

I have been sketching as well,,,pen and ink in my journal. Daily skethcing and painting is my meditation on the world! Everyone has different ways of making time for reflection. What is yours?ink drawing in journal