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667 thinking blue skies  journal, wc ©beth vendryes williams

667 thinking blue skies  journal, wc ©beth vendryes williams

So I noticed I had too many tasks to accomplish in one day, there were no time boundaries around daily tasks, and I was missing some of my physical exercises, like walking, dancing and organizing. Writing weekly posts are a habit that hasn’t easily kicked in yet. 

When I looked around for inspiration, I rediscovered the [SMART] acronym in Michael Hyatt’s post:
    •    Specific Have you been specific about what you want to achieve?
    •    Measurable How will you know if you’ve reached your goal?
    •    Achievable Is this a goal that you can make happen?
    •    Relevant Is this goal aligned with your mission, vision, and values?
    •    Time Specific When do you want to achieve this goal?
 After reflection I prioritized three items I then applied these with intent, using a timer to ascertain the reality, and time limits to set a maximum. I then planned physical breaks so I would feel the ned to move.
Specifically, I CHOSE this course of action!
1. 3- 5 hours in studio 10 -12 create work on sketches mind maps for refuge, time travel water, journals and how they interact.
2. Take breaks every 1.5 - 2 hours and do physical
3. Get post and social out in the morning by 10:30

Thus journaling helps before you go too far off course!
It just becomes a redirect; I don’t waste time/energy blaming anymore!

Tell me how you've resolved times like this, when your goals are far from what is actually happening!  How did you solve it? You could sign up for my journal workshop today!

Awesome! Procrastination nurtures creative thinking?

swaddling               # 0918                     interior              refuge          beth vendryes williams

swaddling               # 0918                     interior              refuge          beth vendryes williams

I got so excited when I read this headline and even mOre so while watching this TED video!  Oh my gosh, this is a natural for me!  My husband is a precrastinator, and yes, that is a word that means “the tendency to complete, or at least begin, tasks as soon as possible” from [science of us magazine]!

There is one caveat, though, that you ned to be careful of. Too much of it and the creative advantage disappears. Watch this to find out how and why being “late to the party” can allow you to be more creative. Why allowing yourself to doubt and feel fear can fuel your creative juices. How to increase your creative ideas even more! 

So stop apologizing and start allowing yourself the privilege of putting decisions “on the back burner”. 

Oh, and let me know if and how this works for you in comments or on social media!
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