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thoughts about creativity and  art:   live your life as your work of art.

Taking time...

So it seems in my life that the raw material that I need to be most cognizant of  for creating my work, is time. I need to ask myself:

When is the best time to work? How much time do I need? Can I break time down into small segments that will  allow me room to create? How can I keep a schedule without watching the clock? How do I arrange time to balance art, spiritual, physical, intellectual relationships, environment & riches?

watercolor & beeswax crayons

Check out Merlin Mann's blog, 43 folders! He is in the process of dealing with the same issue, yet having to do with is creative work, which happens to be writing.

What work have you been trying carve out the time for?

Each person has the capacity to create. The materials and tools vary from technology to teaching to caring for the sick to working in politics, as well as making music, images, dance and theater. To approach each day with the attitude of an artist is to accept that each of us has the capacity to transform.