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Meeting with "Les Saltimbanques" in Chelsea!

Family of Saltimbanques by Picasso (1905)What an incredible show this is at the James Cohan Gallery in NYC! Folkert de Jong is a Dutch artist who creates sculptures in life size tableaux with industrial insulation materials. His work reflects on the paradox of contemporary life and the global issues. This work, "Les Saltimbanques" recalls the Picasso painting, "Family of Saltimbanques"(1905), painted almost exactly 100 years ago. He reflects on "advances in global policy, economics, science and art that exist alongside the continuous forces of war, misfortune and catastrophe ". The immediate impression of festivity soon dissolves into a metaphor for darker historical and yet concurrent issues. Look carefully! Three different companies, known by their three different colors of foam insulation (pink, blue and green) are used in the creation of these sculptures.

“Les Saltimbanques” by Folkert de Jong