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Drive thru rambling days of summer with inner focus

Did you ever look forward to a relaxing summer


and all of a sudden, your days gathered speed, summer had ended and the chill air of autumn was at your door? Well, it just happened to me

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Exhibiting  at New York Studio School, was so awesome
 and the chosen piece was a solar plate print I made while at a workshop with Dan Welden ,who offered to work with me, as master printer on a series of pieces.

The Paddle 8 auction also features this print, through tomorrow
 as a result of the NYSS exhibit. In fact there are only two days left to place a bid. My exhibited print , called "rushing waters", (#3607.270440.1110044  for the auction)., is on through tomorrow, Friday, August 25th, and you may be lucky enough to start the bidding!

Working with Dan Welden was inspiring and productive! 
I now have three new solar prints in water series. Clouds have been inspiring me for years but in the past six months and I have been entranced by these weightless , constantly changing sky sculptures!  

Traveling a lot to the Niagara Falls area this summer
because of a wedding and adopting a little puppy, we have been. Thus I have naturally taken more photos and sketches of clouds and water. 

featured in Professional Artist Magazine October November Issue!
I just got a message from an artist friend, excitedly congratulating me for being one of the featured artists in an article about how ambition  can affect an artist and her work. I am so excited to share this with you! The featured watercolor  is owned by one of my collectors and the other is a drawing in my personal inventory collection!

A heartfelt thank you to all of you, my dear supporters, 
who answered my request for images of water, as I pursue my quest to work with water imagery as vapor (clouds and fog), liquid (falling, waves and still ) and solid.

What was an awesome moment of growth and or joy, in your summer? Your sharing helps to spark creative ideas for both of us!

I wonder what autumn will bring?