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Find Hope About Seeking Refuge In The World

©beth vendryes williamsIMG_0009Sep 24 2018.jpg

I am up early writing again, because I had thoughts spilling out of my head. I am recovering from installing the culmination of creating the art pieces for this freshly installed exhibit.

As I tap out these words, I am sipping a tall glass of water with fresh lime and lemon slices. Relaxing,

The exhibit that “we” opened on Sunday at the Shelter Rock Gallery of the Unitarian Universalist Congregation is awesome!

Standing in the middle of my marks made on paper and canvas I am engaged in conversation and thoughts with the viewers. It is both humbling and energizing!

I say we because it is so true! There is a myth out there about the solitary artist, but I could not have done this without the help of my team of supportive artists, collectors, and friends, Matt & Ashley, for their tech & marketing guidance,Ann Balderston-Glynn, videographer. I also thank my three wonderful sons who edit, advise and keep me laughing, and of course, my very dear husband, Allen who has makes it his mission to help me get the work out there!

You will want to see the whole exhibit, so call 516-627-6560 or 516-472-2933 to find out when the room is available n the day you want to go. It is occasionally used for events. If you want to see what is there, here is the link!