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Powerful imagery...raw and oppressive anguish

Although I was hesitant to go, I did attend the exhibit to see the work in person. There was a dark silence in the rooms filled with her work. The watercolors and oil washes were potent and dark. They were powerful and executed with expressive washes and strong graphic qualities. The show was difficult to be with for any length of time. I see influences of Edvard Munch

A review by Roberta Smith in the NY times describes much of the work as "superficially painterly"  and speaks hopefully that "Ms. Dumas’s best work may lie ahead, and in the direction of greater variety."

Here is a slide show of more of her work.

Marlene Dumas   

Marlene Dumas


The work has haunted me a little. I still think about it , although I saw it a few weeks ago.So I am trying to articulate more precisely what draws me and yet repels me. This will help me to become more fluent in my own work.

I want to feel uplifted when looking at art. I want the work to nurture the spirit within me. I do not feel that with this work. But I have learned  more about the power of a singular focus that harnesses will and talent to convey a message!

I'd be interested to hear what you think about the work.