make art. transform life.

thoughts about creativity and  art:   live your life as your work of art.

Observe everyday as an artist

Traveling through my day allows me to actually observe what I am given and eventually transform it with my actions.

Becoming awake to observe is a huge thing!

I have had days when I am unable to observe anything around me. I focus only on getting through the day and am not inclined to see anything outside of my predetermined destination at the day's end. On these days I refuse the grace of the visual guideposts offered me during the day.

But when I take the day as it comes, looking carefully at each opportunity as it presents itself, my day begins to feel like an adventure! Suddenly I am aware of the sweetness of the air , the colors of the sky, the feel of the soft earth beneath my feet. I feel like I am discovering a new place and open to new ideas!

I have made it my task to hold in my mind the colors, shapes and contours that populate  my day. Then I can take these impressions in my heart.  I then explore more deeply by drawing and painting.

What do you do with the observations you make each day? How do those observations begin to shape the art of your life?