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thoughts about creativity and  art:   live your life as your work of art.

Live life as if creating a work of art!

You can look at life as if you are an artist working at making visible your ideas! I find that humdrum and repetitive tasks such as morning ablutions, folding the laundry , setting the table, making and eating breakfast, reading the paper and driving to work, provide a pattern and structure on which to build dreams for the day.  In the midst of the structure I can find time to  balance the elements of my day, notice and choose color and tone and find the lines that connect events and places. Although I feel that my life as a  "work" of art in process, it was further articulated and richly defined in "the everyday work of art" by Eric Booth.

beth vendryes williams

I will be exploring the idea that the work of creating art is not limited to paint, canvas and clay about once a week on this blog, simply because I find  such a freedom and inspiration to think of my own life this way! I will also s feasibility of each person to develop a way of thinking to create art from the stuff of his life.

I then begin to notice when other people are treating there lives with the creativity and discipline usually associated with the creative process. I see the creative "work" of art in small acts such as setting a table or huge, highly visible efforts such as Barack Obama's journey by train to Washington!

So I wonder, where do you find that you exercise your creativity  in your daily life?