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thoughts about creativity and  art:   live your life as your work of art.

Living everyday creatively

I am always shocked when people ask how I find the courage to think outside of the box.  They wish they were so lucky to be born with talent to draw and paint. They wonder how I manage to t find the time to create .

The fact is, I thrive on making new things and coming up with new ideas. I get up 2 hours earlier than I have to in the morning so I can make time to express my thoughts and sustaining images in paint and graphite. I work at a job that by its nature, constantly demands that I teach my students to understand the power of creativity that is latent in each one of us., just waiting for us to discover that it really is ours!

I write this blog because of those people who wish to exercise their creative abilities in their lives. I want to share the importance of being creative...of understanding the ability that we all have to think in new pathways , to make our ideas visible and audible.

Honestly, I also need to constantly remind myself to stretch my imagination. Through the process of teaching I have found that that I learn so much more when I teach. So this blog engages me in articulating my process of working and shares my belief in the necessity of developing yours and my creative imagination.

Ken Robinson, in his book, "The Element: How finding your passion changes everything", writes

"  You can think of creativity as applied imagination.

You can be creative at anything at all - anything that involves using  your intelligence. It can be in music, in dance, in theater, in math, science, business, in your relationship with other people."

In this spirit, let me share a  blog that plays with the imagination and creativity. It is called creative every day and Leah shares a simple process of creating a design by playing with an idea.

Playing is a great way to get some creative juices moving!

Have fun! I love to hear about what you are imagining and then actually creating in your life!