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Laughing into balance!

Our incredibly happy creamy golden retriever..meditating. I usually don't make irrevocable plans. I'm actually pretty relaxed about life. Passionate, but a pretty calm, go with the flow type person.

But tonight was one of those nights. Have you ever had a series of events that happen rapid fire and you don't know where to look next?

These surprises thwart every effort to achieve normal goals, like going to bed, having a conversation with your loved one or sleeping.

Madeleine, our our impish creamy golden retriever suddenly gave up her dinner, on the kitchen floor. Unusual for her, my husband & I thought, but, unfazed, we cleaned it up. Suddenly, the washing machine began beeping furiously. Apparently the drain was clogged. Out we drained 6 quarts of water of questionable quality. After 45 minutes, the deed was done and we continued our journey to sleep.

I remembered I had a project due tomorrow morning and quickly finished it on the computer. Oh no Maddie was under my desk throwing up more dinner. We didn't realize she had eaten so much.

She seemed better and we again cleaned it up and we went upstairs with her so we could keep an eye on her. Aah, sleep was finally within our grasp.

Not so fast. It was one of those nights. Nothing seemed to be going the way we planned. I chose  to stop  planning and am now sitting up typing this post.

Me? I'm finding the balance  tonight by ascertaining the health of Maddie , being  grateful that our washing machine was so easily repaired and lauging heartily together with my love because this helped to remind us about what's really important . Also, tomorrow is altogether another day.

And Maddie?  She's "playing dead" with one eye open, happy to know that we keep on looking after her.

We'll all get back on track tomorrow.