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thoughts about creativity and  art:   live your life as your work of art.

Initiate powerful patterns in your life!

I love getting up in the darkness of the early morning, allowing myself to quietly sit while sipping a cup of warm lemon water! Lighting  a candle  dispels the darkness and is a metaphor for opening my heart to the spirit. It is astounding to me, how this simple daily ritual clears my head as I travel through the day. It is in the "vigils" , the dark right before the light part of the day, that I find the time to be aware and grateful.

I actually used to rebel against any kind of repetition in my life. I felt succumbing to patterns would limit or nullify my creativity. I was having trouble, though, maintaining the momentum required to jumpstart my creative juices, each day. I was determined not to be a slave to the clock, a regimin

That was, until I realized the benefits of having habits that I planned , rather then allowing patterns in my life that I did not consciously choose.  I did a lot of research and discovered that there were some great benefits to having healthy habits.

I discovered the 13 creative thinking tools as defined by Dr.Robert Root-Bernstein in "Sparks of Genius". If you have the opportunity, he is speaking in March at the Naea NationalConvention in Seattle, Washington, March 17 -20. On a regular basis, I find myself referencing  "The Creative Habit", by Twyla Tharp in which she details how she stumbles from bed each morning to call a cab to take her to the dance studio where she warms up for choreographing dances. All of this so she has no way out if she feels like staying in bed. A key to her success is in creating rituals that create a network that supports and organizes her creative pursuits.

And you know, this pattern making now reaches into every area of my life. If you have read my blog, you know that I have identified seven categories of my life that I like to balance. When I examine each of them i find patterns emerging. I of course give myself permission to modify them when it is necessary. Thus the patterns transform themselves as my life requires, but I still have the network there for structure.

  • art I paint early in the morning, regularly keep a drawing journal which I carry with me most of the time,visit museums and galleries on a regular basis and practice remembering imagery that fascinates me.
  • spiritual There is daily, early morning meditation and prayer, moments of silence during the day, and gathering moments of prayer and gratitude at day's end.
  • physical Yoga is a 3x a week practice. My intent is to incorporate regular walking, but it hasn't happened yet! I think I will initiate that in the spring. Eating a varied diet at regular intervals as become essential for maintaining the energy to create my art.
  • intellectual Reading both fiction and nonfiction, magazines and books about 3x a week is crucial to the development of my body of work.So is reading blogs and looking at art websites on the internet. Teaching art is something I do daily. Many times, When i teach, it informs my artwork and creating my art informs my teaching.
  • relationships Consistency in maintaining relationships very simply, works. My husband and I have weekly dancing dates at a local studio. It gives us a chance to just be with each other, leaving al mundane concerns behind. Making appointments with friends, ensures the thought of getting together, even if it has to be rescheduled due to unforseen events.
  • environment I have a lot of work to do in this area. My decorating is great and consistent. My organization requires great vigilance at this point.
  • riches Among my riches I count are friends, family, health, beauty in my surroundings and financial stability.I am so grateful for what I have and regularly nurture those areas.

Have you recognized and then recreated patterns in your own life? When you recognize patterns in your life, are they constructive or destructive to thinking outside of the box? How do you provide fertile ground for being creative?