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thoughts about creativity and  art:   live your life as your work of art.

Imagine, then create your year in 2010

Every day you can create a new way of looking, thinking, changing. This is your challenge as a human being. You are endowed with imagination, or the ability to see things in your mind's eye. When you make what you imagine, real, you are using your creativity!

So it is with New Year's resolutions.

Imagine what you can do with your life this year. Now make it begin to take shape by actively, step by step, making it real. Make a commitment to yourself. Your resolution is not necessarily related to making artwork, as mine happens to be. It just has the attitude of an artist . When you imagine something and then create  it, you are an artist in your life.

Seriously investigate the details of Leo Babauta's method at this link. He has really simplified  this yearly conundrum. Leo suggests that you;

Choose six habits you would like to change this year.

Choose one to focus on for the first two months.

Commit to creating this habit.

Choose a trigger to remind you to do it.

Progressively increase your commitment.

In eight weeks you will have accomplished what yo set out to do.

Take small baby steps. Reward yourself. Publicly commit to doing this.

Here is my first journal sketch, as promised.  I have linked the image to my online gallery of journal sketches. I included a few from 2009 that were inspiring to me. I have promised to post publicly, because I believe that it is important to be transparent as I am making my resolutions happen this year. I encourage you to take this opportunity to make your efforts together with me. Let me know how it works for you and what you are doing to stay on track.

I also found a fantastic book that I am reading. Is inspiring as it champions the the innate value of the creative imagination and its existence in all humans. It is called "The Element: How finding your passion changes everything"' by Ken Robinson, Ph.D. Be sure to check out his dynamic website , too!