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thoughts about creativity and  art:   live your life as your work of art.

If you can't change your life, change your perception.

Making pattens in a corner with found objects. Do you ever feel overwhelmed by all you have to get done?

Even the enclave of your home has let you down.

After a a great vacation full of sunshine, reading and sketching, I needed to perceive some  of that same order and beauty in my home.

I looked through a magazine to get some ideas for quickly refreshing my surroundings. Doing this always has the effect of transforming my way of looking at things. Sometimes, though, drastic renovation is not momentarily feasible.

Fortunately, I found a refreshing editorial by Sophie Donelson in HC & G. She addresses the real issue of the "debris of living"  that we never see in homes in glossy publications. Offering timely alternatives to gutting and renovating, she makes practical and reasonable suggestions that will quickly provide renewed focus and simplicity to your home.

  • While acclaimed photographer, Michael Moran removes a window screen to get a crystal clear view for his photo shoots , she suggests cleaning your windows to add light and clarity to your own daily landscape just outside the window.
  • Stylist Elizabeth Mayhew has a philosophy of bringing things you love into the  decorating. Don't just organize, bring things out that you love, but carefully and with discretion.  Check the link above for a complete list of her suggestions. She has also written a book on the topic.
  • Sophie suggests removing everything from a room and then bringing back in only what really inspires you.
  • Look through your home to find new uses for old and forgotten items: for instance I've use an old galvanized pail for a vase; old mugs for storing paintbrushes.
  • If you have a multiples of  the same item, use them to display in patterns. For example I place generous cubes of savon de Marseille for washing hands next to all of my sinks. I place them on beautiful plates that have no more partners.

Inspired, I took the dried lavender I had purchased out on the east end of Long Island and after splitting each bouquet into four bunches I hung them from my wooden fold up clothes dryer in an unused corner with paperclips. The bunches create a patterns across the horizontal wooden bars with subtle shadows and the heady lavender fragrance perfumes the air when I pass by.

Next, I'm going to clean the windows to take that grey cast away. After that, I clean my office area.I will share the visuals and processes on a later post.

How would you transform one small part of your house to highlight the beauty and your inner vision?