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How to make mistakes into opportunities!

Oh yes, it is true!  Many of my best ideas have begun by making a mistake. If I am afraid of doing something incorrectly, I feel inhibited about making decisions that are unusual or different. When I prepare myself the best I can and then go forward with courage, I find I gain a new way of looking and insights. Consequently I am able to to paint in a new way! Does that ever happen yo you? Making a recipe, following directions, making decisions about moving, choosing a job ? How do you feel about realizing that you made a mistake? If you get angry or nervous or upset, it is perfectly understandable. I've been there, believe me!

It's what you do next, that's important.

I love this video about "being wrong" by Kathryn Schulz. Gets right to the essence of  "what this can tell us about human nature" and why feeling "always right" can impede us in our life growth. being wrong

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