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How an unplanned storm can foster creativity

It’s Sunday eve on Long Island and we are anticipating the storm that has been traveling from the Caribbean up the coast. I checked with the older people and singles in my neighborhood to make sure that they had food and shelter. I made the run for groceries, nuts and fruits and water and we put away anything outside that could become a projectile in the fierce winds.

Now we am tucked in our home, hopefully safe and sound.

My mind begins to think of all of the things I could do with this unstructured time???

This is my list. I have done some, but not all. It is the process of exploring my options. Choosing is by its nature, creative, because it shapes who you are becoming and how you are getting there.

With electricity

Seed, cut and roast the fresh pie pumpkin that is waiting on my table Roast a whole chicken. Make pumpkin muffins Make chocolate chip cookies. Vacuum up the dog fur before we lose power. Take photos of the beautiful leaves that fell. Write this post on my computer. Make delicious leftovers with left chicken & the last Italian green beans from our garden. Check in with my strong and handsome sons in various east coast hurricane affected locations. Catch up with my two lovely sisters and feisty mom on the phone. Speak with my wonderful fiend, artist & mentor, Ben Frank Moss on the phone. Answer my cousin, Marie’s email from France, wondering if we are ok. Listening to Dave Matthews, Mumford & Sons and Jeff Buckley singing Halleluja

Without electricity

Meditate. OBSERVE the changes in atmosphere and the way things look Read Steve Jobs. Read Gerhardt Richter’s writings. Read an article in Image, journal of art, faith & mystery. Do yoga. Study my french verbs. Walk the dogs before the winds and rain get stronger. Sketch in my art journal. Draw interiors of the rooms in my house. Paint the interiors, as I meditate on rooms as physical symbols of how life is organized. Write a note to cousin Stephanie, also in France. Design my Christmas cards. Plan Thanksgiving dinner. IMAGINE myself participating in the great privilege of voting next week. Spend time just being with my dear one.

Can’t wait to hear how you decided to spend that valuable time!