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Create like a marathon runner!

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New York City was bursting with cheering, support and goodwill today. All of us in the crowds were rooting for each runner to finish. Determination was evident in each runner’s stride and face. I knew they would make it. Oh how inspiring it was to see so much camaraderie and strength of spirit! Participating in this amazing achievement requires not just physical strength but balance in other areas of life as well. Surely you need to have good form and running shoes. You also need to care for your body and get plenty of sleep. Months of regular discipline and practice culminate in the marathon. Eating the right foods is key and of course, drinking plenty of water. Most importantly, working with supportive partners who listen and inspire can help to keep you on track. And so it goes, also, with sustained creative work. Producing a series of art pieces that result in a strong body of work requires a similar practice to preparation for a marathon. It is a balance of physical strength and health, strong spirit, determination, knowledge of your best working practice and a good support network.

So if you ran a marathon today, congratulations!!

If you are not a runner but would like to create more and better work, a "creative marathon" -   don’t ignore the impulse! Follow the routines that help to make a runner strong. Make a goal of creating something each day. Keep a life balance. Keep in touch with friends that support your efforts!

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