make art. transform life.

thoughts about creativity and  art:   live your life as your work of art.

Create each day...really.

A snow day in the north east!

A gift that I didn’t expect.

I look at this day as if I were painting.

Time itself is the medium.

I can imagine what I want to make of the day ... and then transform it into what I have imagined!  Just like creating a painting.

That’s why I named my blog Make art. Transform life.

Because that is the way I create.

I wake up each morning with gratitude for the gift of another day. I can plan what I want to do but what happens during that day is not in my control.

How I perceive what happens determines the richness of the day and shapes what I do with my experiences.

Just like making a drawing:

Surface: Time is  the canvas.

Material: People and events are the paint.

Applicator: My perception is the brush in my hand, interpreting what I come across each day.

Product: My actions or inactions transform each day.

So today, I image that I will make some drawings and paintings and write about the process of creating and investigate how it transforms us.

I will post my work later on in the day. What are you doing if you are snowed in today? I love to hear about how you view your options on days suddenly gifted to you, through cancellations or change in plans.

Be sure to read an inspiring  post this morning, on the Art of Great Things by Jeffrey Tang. It gives much food for thought.

Coincidently,two pieces of my artwork are being shown on the current post Live Like You Were Dying on the Religion Network, by the wonderful Lisa Bowman. Be sure to check them out!