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Rediscover beauty and love, today

Trees-sketch-clouds ( Autentico 2019) watercolor, graphite, collage 9” x 9” by beth vendryes williams

Trees-sketch-clouds ( Autentico 2019) watercolor, graphite, collage 9” x 9” by beth vendryes williams

Do you sometimes feel weighted down by events on the personal or world stage?

Sometimes I forget that each morning when I awake, I can choose to look at the the world and my place in it, from a fresh perspective.

beth vendryes williams

This morning, shaking off the detritus from the day before, I make myself a cup of water with sliced lemon, giving thanks for clean water and lemons. Then I make a cup of green tea, thankful to have that luxury.

Looking up, I suddenly observe winter trees tracing their lines on the cloudy soft patches floating in a cerulean blue sky.

Aha, so this is what I want to share with you today!

On this day celebrating love for each other, let’s take the time to observe and honor the clarity and beauty in our world and the people in it. I know you can do it!

After all, we are all in this together.

I am thankful for you, your support and for your interest in beauty and creativity.

Here is my gift for you, today. You can see more on my instagram which you can link to and see most of this series on the process page of my blog

Sending you much love.! Happy Valentine’s Day!

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Announcing: Uplifting Cloudscapes Right Here In Oyster Bay!

let the clouds in  953 Solarplate etching, 22’ x 30” beth vendryes williams

let the clouds in 953 Solarplate etching, 22’ x 30” beth vendryes williams

From now through December 15th, when you get your coffee/tea at Southdown, you can also gaze into the clouds!

It is there that Oyster Bay Gallery (at Southdown Coffee), just installed a delightful collection of seven Solarplate etchings that I created last year and printed with at the studio with Master Printer, Dan Welden and his assistant, Andrea Baatz.

Once there you have a unique opportunity to rediscover your imagination as the coffee rejuvenates you. If you prefer tea, try their delicious selection.

The clouds are etching prints made using water, sunshine and water-based ink, to be more environmentally sustainable.

Clouds never fail to fascinate! Seriously, they genuinely are magnificent ever-changing sculptures that appear as gifts for our imaginations and our water.

Speaking of gifts, being able to look at a cloud every day is an excellent gift to yourself or a loved one! A glance at it is as calming as a vacation, every day!

What can you see in the clouds? Tell me on Facebook and Instagram or in a comment below!

How to make a breakthrough by watching clouds

let the clouds in              #953                          mixed media ( watercolor, Solarprint, acrylic, Japanese tissue collage   22' x 30"    

let the clouds in              #953                          mixed media ( watercolor, Solarprint, acrylic, Japanese tissue collage   22' x 30"    

Yes, I have been watching clouds all last year, imagining their magical  beauty

is not only their appearance but also in the way they recycle and process water on the earth! They also cleanse the air when the raindrops fall. 

They really do capture my imagination. So creating Solarplate images by using the sun to develop your image on a light-sensitive coating, and water to wash away the soft film water-soluble ink to print, made sense.

Looking and working on those clouds, made me think about how I could be more ecologically minded in my art. As I began to work on top of my first artist proof (a print that looks different from the original edition), I was using watercolor acrylic along with collaging Japanese rice paper, enlarging the image by breaking through the rectangle! 

Suddenly I realize the philosophical importance of the art I am making. 

❤️“Breaking through the boundaries of the rectangle with the softness of a cloud, is how life is. All change begins with a thought. My art is to make that “idea” visible. Once visible it insists on being looked at.”
Breaking through resistance does not require violence. When you pay attention to the visual, it can bring forth, metaphorically, another way of perceiving.

Through my work process, I understand that I need to explore this concept, of “breaking through boundaries" with clouds. So I ask myself what other artists, writers, directors, dancers, musicians have done that and what can I learn from them? Now i am asking you...

❤️ Have you ever asked yourself why you are so drawn to something, like the beach or the sun, asking yourself what about it attracts you?  I love to hear what breakthrough you have had so comment  on Instagram facebook Linked In or in the comment section here!

inspired by soaring clouds, exposed with sun and water

Why print?

When you see my latest work, you may wonder what inspired me to make prints. It happens that when practicing drawing, I looked to Albrecht Dürer as my the 1500’s He created incredibly intricate woodcut and engraving prints and was thrilled to make multiples of original art available to more people. I liked that idea, and so began my fascination with printmaking, like etching, and Lithography and also paper-making and bookbinding. I also followed Albrecht Dürer’s advice to work in black and white until he could focus on the basics of line, form, shape, and composition.
During graduate school, I realized the dangers of the chemicals I was using in the printmaking process and switched to drawing and painting. I was encouraged to find a more environmentally thoughtful way to make prints by using sunlight, water, and light-sensitive coated steel plates to develop the image instead of acid for etching and chemicals for cleanup! 

Why clouds?

I am passionate about our beautiful planet and ardent that we must protect water, air, and earth. Clouds are not only beautiful moveable 3-Dimensional ethereal sculptures in the sky.  Made of water drops or ice particles, they simultaneously refresh our atmosphere by endlessly recycling our earth’s water at the same time.

Each print is an original impression

Printing by hand is such an awesome experience! Every time I pull a print, I feel like I am opening a present! Although now, I have the plates printed, due to an eczema condition, I work with Andrea or Dan Welden to expertly hand wipe each plate and print on Hahnemuhle cotton paper through the rolling pressure of the press.

I love the anticipation, the power of black and white and the significant sustainability of this Solarplate process. 

What is the sky like without clouds?

To you, I dedicate this series!

Observe the clouds. Image how it would feel if you didn't ever see them in the sky!
May the beauty of the clouds and the intrinsic healing qualities of water refresh our existence on our beautiful earth! 

Share with me a way you find to make a difference and help the earth regain its health?

Earth Day is coming up Saturday, Aprii 22, 2018!


Be the change you wish to see in the world”
— Ghandi

energize your life, as art, with open-hearted vision

 Niagara Falls , the end of summer      22' x 30" watercolor  beth vendryes williams

 Niagara Falls , the end of summer      22' x 30" watercolor  beth vendryes williams

I am often asked how I became an artist,

which is why, In my last few posts, I shared a few of my struggles and decisions to define myself as an artist.
Their next statement is usually,
“I could never be an artist because I can’t draw a straight line with a ruler…”  Hmmm....

In Merriam Webster Dictionary,  “artist” is defined  as

noun  art·ist  \ ˈär-tist          
Definition of artist
1 an obsolete: one skilled or versed in learned arts
    b archaic: physician
    c archaic : artisan 1
2    a one who professes and practices an imaginative art
    b  a person skilled in one of the fine arts
3    a skilled performer; especially
4    one who is adept at something 

As you know, I happen to paint or draw on paper or canvas.
And I have used what I learn in creating art in other areas of my life. Gradually, I observe that treating my life with the skills and attitudes of an artist has not only transformed my work,  but my life as well!

To be an artist of your life, you do not need crayons or paint. You can just make art from the "stuff" of your life.     beth vendryes williams

The medium or materials that you use to create can consist of your life and any parts of it that you choose. The “work” of art is the action that you are taking. The material can be anything you can shape, like movement, fabric, words, time, food, cards, care for another person, etc. Your life can be a “work of art”!

I have done a lot of research and continued to develop my idea that you can transform your life by treating it as a work of art. I will share that in later posts.
Bur today, I share one essential skill necessary to approach your life as a work of art.

If one skill is essential for living your life as a work of art it is the attitude of being open-hearted. You choose to reveal your warm and compassionate feelings freely.          beth vendryes williams

When you remain open to ideas and people and change, you can see more options and perspectives. And you become more impassioned by your life.

Try being open-hearted.  Let me know how it works for you, in the comments below and in facebook, LinkedIn and Instagram below. Keep your eye out for my next posts on creating your life with the attitude of an artist!