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2 compelling ways art can change you

hidden oasis  #927  w/c                              599. framed                 ©bethvendryeswilliams

hidden oasis  #927  w/c                              599. framed                 ©bethvendryeswilliams

Believe it or not, whether you are creating or just looking, art, it can change you.

 I discovered this most recently when I was looking in my backyard for inspiration. There is always something outrageously interesting to paint, because my husband is an artist with gardens. 

while creating

I was  frustrated with a rather unappealing view of a neighboring yard. I suddenly noticed that when I looked at that section with new eyes, I found a splendid sunlit refuge. When I peaked through the foliage all I could see was sunshine glittering.  I started to notice the opportunity I had to transform old trucks and equipment into beautiful forms, colors and relationships. Later on I also began to compliment the owner on his efforts to plant tomatoes and flowers. Making this painting has transformed my ability to see the sacredness in things that have fallen into disuse, when their physicality begins to disintegrate, and is worn away by time.

This is an experience I often have when drawing or painting. As I  begin to observe more closely, I start to notice more striking connections in what before seemed uselessly ugly or nondescript. One just has to take the time to look. It is sort of like meditating.


Making this painting has transformed my ability to see the sacredness in things that have fallen into disuse, when their physicality begins to disintegrate, and is worn away by time.
— beth vendryes williams
Pierre Bonnard  The Bathroom

Pierre Bonnard  The Bathroom

when observing

When observing a painting, it happens to me also.  I discover  inspiration when I see a painting that compels me from across the room. I see from the artist's perspective, and then I add my own..

 From Pierre Bonnard, I learned the beauty of bathrooms. Before that I thought the most exciting thing was a clean sink and commode. Since seeing his paintings, I consider my bathroom, my spa, and look forward to it as another beautiful room. to surround those who enter, with beauty.  Sparkling clean, of course!

I would love to know what art has transformed your ideas or perspective? Please share in the comments section, or click on the twitter, facebook, instagram icons below with your response, and if you have on a picture of the art! Oh yes and please subscribe to this site. You will get a newsletter once a month with links to the posts from  that month.          Looking forward,  beth

What if you try but fall short of the goal?

gardens: energetic Ah yes!

Early this morning, a very thoughtful friend inquired about my 30 day challenge... the 30 paintings in 30 days that wrote about a few posts ago.

"Did you actually finish 30 paintings?", she asked? I realized I never addressed the final outcome on this blog!  So thank you my dear friend, for asking.

So for those of you who were rooting for me.....NO, although I  did finish  7 paintings.

I am disappointed that I didn't get them all done and am happy with the series of 7 that I created.

I am also invigorated by the experience of carving out the time on a regular basis to paint in oil in a limited format.

It was a challenge that I don't regret because learned a lot from the experience. Pushing myself to produce the work has yielded a fresh and deep look at the ever-changing garden in our backyard. To see them all, take a look at my latest post fresh art post at my portfolio site and at the 30 in 30 post listed under fresh new  art blog!

Now 3 of them are for sale at the Oyster Bay Frame Shop right in time for the holidays.

I'd love to hear what you think.

How do you handle changing goals when you have not met them?





Oh yeah... A 30 day challenge!

I am thrilled to be beginning this challenge offered by Artist Leslie Saeta . Three hundred artists are participating! When I first saw this, I was afraid it would be too much at this time of year. Then I sat down and asked myself when would be a good time?

The answer? Painting every day is my meditation. Why not commit to it now? persistence, being consistent are keys to creating great art!

I have been sketching and painting the garden all summer and will be painting small in oil.

Can't wait to start the process this morning when I get up and plan my day.

Check back! I am starting a new page in my portfolio  blog to which I will be  adding a painting each day. You can also go to Leslie's site above to see 300 other paintings each day!