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4 Ways to Transform Your Vision on Life’s Journey

beth vendryes williams

beth vendryes williams

I am awestruck that life has surprised me yet again! 

The remarkable thing is that

I knew in high school that the marks I created on paper revealed the invisible parts of me.

Through college and then graduate school at the University of Iowa, I honed my 

skills, pursuing the vocation of making art the rest of my life.

And I have! 

 Amid caring for three little rapscallion sons, changing diapers, and

working at Ikea and teaching, I painted and drew my children and even painted freshly 

washed laundry. I was awed by the beauty in the haphazardness, shadows,  

and light that bright little faces and just washed laundry. And now after not being

able to exhibit for a shone from few years, I am having an Open Studio this weekend.

Was it in the way I expected? No, not at all! 

What about your life? 

Do you remember your initial vision of your life? Has it grown and transformed as you have?

Can you continue to find inspiration in the spaces and moments between the daily demands of life?

A few things I’ve learned about living my vision and what you can do to transform yours:

  1. Define your vision and then let it grow with you
  2. When difficulties throw you off course, explore the new path and reset your route, but be sure to retain your vision's essence
  3. Remember that the way your vision plays out will always be different from what you imagined
  4. Life, art, and work are a process, not a destination

This weekend, as I observe the results of my latest work, I am grateful to have this chance to reflect and to share my work through my Open Studio.

I will be posting online the work exhibiting at my

Open Studio

, so you can all see where I am in my journey!

Where are you in your journey? Where would you like to be?