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3 essential ways to continue the dialogue

All of the above played a part in pulling my work together for my Open Studio '16. It  is a great way to share my work with friends and supporters. Thank you to all who helped to make it happen!

Last weekend, it became a dynamic gathering of art, ideas and conversation. Much of the exchanges were concerning two current projects, journals and  finding refuge. Thank you to all who were able to come and see the art and contribute to the exchange of ideas !

This response is just what I hoped for!  At the heart of my art is a desire to share and exchange ideas, creating a catalyst for understanding.

Because of my painting series on “finding refuge”, I requested that my guests write a few words about “where, who, and what is your refuge or safety".  Dialogue is now continuing beyond the show. The variety of thoughtful, proactive  responses is heartening.

 Many online supporters can contribute their thoughts, by

  • Using hashtag #findingmyrefuge on Instagram/ twitter/ Facebook.
  •  Joining in on the conversation, with images/ statements!
  • Subscribe to my free newsletter, which contains links to my posts and my latest updates.

Your responses are expanding my personal understanding of refuge. I am now musing over how I can incorporate your ideas and images to inspire new perspectives in my refuge paintings. Please feel free to join in the conversation. And keep watching for my new work!

 If you missed the hands-on exhibition, for a limited time, you can still browse at the Virtual Open Studio ’16 Shop on this website.

Take a look. Feel free to contact me with any questions in the contact section or on FB message, Instagram or Twitter. Of course to get the latest news in your inbox, subscribe for your free monthly newsletter!