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Where do you find your refuge?

Robert H. Truman State Park 116.jpg

I am SO looking so forward to my open studio this weekend!
The studio is scrubbed clean and with a fresh coat of primer, courtesy of Ross and Allen. 

I am asking for your help in expanding my perspective for “seeking refuge” project. My research, defining refuge and where and why we seek it, has allowed me to explore my own need for safety and freedom. You could help me by sharing your succinct thoughts and related images/photos:

What, who or where you go to to feel safe? A place, person object or some combination? 
Is there a cup of tea that you always sit down with or a place in your garden? Or is it a person who always seems to know how to listen? 

I will collect all of your responses and choose some to explore further in my work. I plan on having an exhibit on the topic. 
Please respond tagged with #findingmyrefuge in the  comment section, instagram, twitter, facebook or my email using the #findingmyrefuge tag so I can collect them all to reflect on and share. You can certainly  post comments on the wall at my open house!
Thank you for your help! I hope to see you this weekend!