make art. transform life.

thoughts about creativity and  art:   live your life as your work of art.

What you focus on determines where you go

True story.

This summer when I was cleaning out my studio office, I discovered that, over my lifetime, I had shelved not 30, but 130 journals! All because I decided that I wanted to make art. I worked full time, didn’t have a studio or supplies and was actively involved and madly in love with my husband and three sons.
I decided that I would create a portable studio and carry it around in my rather roomy handbag. Over the years, the size of journals and types of materials have changed, but one thing remained constant. I never had to be without a place to put my thoughts and ideas, marks and paintings. My daily life became my source for ideas.

Why is this important?
We each have been given a precious life. Reflection on it is essential for realizing our fullest potential of who we are.

Journaling, both written and visual can do that. I will show you how. Register now and receive a free original sketch from me when you attend. Call Oyster Bay Historical Society and reserve your spot. Contact me. This Sunday will come and go. Only you can make a decision to make a difference in your life. 

If not now, when?