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thoughts about creativity and  art:   live your life as your work of art.

How drawing our vision, changes us


I have been working daily, with the attitude that it is a habit that is as necessary and pedantic as washing my face. I recognize that regularly drawing from my life in an honest way has been an impetus for  change. 

I am becoming more conscious of the relationship of everyday drawing/painting to my everyday journey.  Painted and drawn relationships can affect reflect the course of interactions in my daily life. 

As I work on a painting, I experience how forms, colors, lines, tones and patterns are all in a relationship, dependent on each other, creating the holistic effect of my work. One change in my vision or handmade mark can totally reframe my perception and then, impact  the entire drawing. 

I cannot help but intuitively make the analogy between the process of exploring forms, tone, line and colors choices  on paper, and the process of exploring and choosing how to handle the events in my life.

 My mom is 92 years old and defies many of the expectations we have of being that age. A few weeks ago, Gloria shared her newfound respect and passion for horses. Having never heard of this interest before, we made arrangements to take her to a stable where she could visit the horses. The mission of Painted Bar Stables is also to rehabilitate rescues.  Erika, the current owner,  articulated in her crayoned drawing when she was five,  her desire to purchase her first horse at 15 and run a stable by 25. This drawing uncannily predicted her future. She also developed a compassion for rescues and learned to rehabilitate them.  As stated in her bio:

Those rescue horses taught Erika the intense need for teaching trust, confidence, and patience. To teach a horse to be a trail horse, not only does the rider need patience, but the horse did as well. By training scared, abused or abandoned horses, Erika was able to gain vast experience in relationship and trust building that has extended to her horses today.

Her stories, enthusiasm, and passion engaged us all. Gloria was able to benefit greatly by getting to be close to gentle horses! We, the family who went with her,  experienced that  with her. All this was possible because of a note crayoned by a five-year-old, a 92 year old, unafraid to explore something out of the box for her, and the ability of our family to listen and be open minded helping to make it happen.

Can you see how the heartfelt presence of one person in a chance interaction with another can change a perception of the world?  I see how patterns of behavior can rapidly reshape us.  I feel the tone in a place or group, and how it can transform the atmosphere and reshape our concept of what is possible, and what is not. 

To understand the power of your vision and interactions with  others and our environment, gives you an opportunity to transform the course of our world, one person at a time. you just need to understand that every little thing you do makes a difference.

Use that ability to make one small change and let me know how it has made a difference, no matter how small you perceive that change to  be!