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What do marathon runners and artists have in common?

Solitary tree viewed from tR's porch.  #711, watercolor. 20" x 16" © beth vendryes williams

Solitary tree viewed from tR's porch.  #711, watercolor. 20" x 16" © beth vendryes williams

Whoah! I have just come off a two-day marathon for a juried show that challenged us to produce two pieces of artwork. One piece would be chosen for the exhibit. It had to be "en plein air" , painted in Sagamore Hill National Park during two days, rain or shine. On the second day, they had to be completed and framed and delivered by 3:30 pm!

This feat was both challenging and rewarding. The extra push to work straight through under a deadline provided a finish line.  I wanted to get an honest piece done and put my doubts aside, to make that happen, 

And it did! And I am in the Juried exhibit on display at the Koenig Center,Oyster Bay Historical Society. See Events calendar for more info!

To sustain my energy, I asked myself what an athlete does to prepare for an event. Consequently, it helped that  I walked, did yoga and pilates, daily for a couple of months before the event. I also ate for energy and drank at least two quarts of water a day. I meditated and sketched and painted daily. At times I felt like I really was an athlete getting ready for a major event.

And I am. After a break, I am continuing  theses daily habits. I like the way I feel, the way I work and the art that flows within that structure of supportive practices. What a simply rewarding way to integrate my drawing life !

How do you prepare for something big in your life? Do you have to determine how to sustain your energy level and strength to reach your potential?