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2011 opportunity: reflect on the art of your life!

morning trees wake upHere we sit , on the precipice of a new year.... I choose to spend the day in reflection of last year and preparing to embrace 2011.

I reflect on seven chosen areas of my life , look at my journey last year and where I could go with them this year.                                               Art...Spiritual...Physical...Intellectual...Relationships...Environment...Riches

Imagine this!

An artist creates a drawing by holding an image  taken through the eyes, to the head, to the heart, to the hands to the paper.

To create my life, I need to image what I would like to be and do and then allow my head to organize it and my heart to feel it as I begin to shape my life day by day. Everything I do matters, even and especially, my thoughts, what I imagine and all of my smallest actions and words. So I choose some of my building blocks and I incorporate whatever else comes my way.

Why I write this blog.

Reflection is essential to the fullest development of the idea or vision. Yearly reflection gives a wonderful overview. Reflection on the small everyday moments of creating are what I write about on this blog. I also ask for your comments participating in an invigorating dialogue about how to use our innate creativity to shape our lives! This is why I love end of the year reflection!  It allows me to see the whole picture, unfettered. It is also why I write about how to live creatively. Writing is my reflection on skills and habits that can transform both our lives and art! You can check out my art at beth vendryes williams or click on beth's website link above. Subscribe to this blog for writing about creativity. Or, you may go to  the art blog fand subscribe to have  my latest art delivered to your inbox. Or subscribe to both!

What are you creating in your life? How do you approach the end of this year and the beginning of the new?

Share your ideas and comments!