make art. transform life.

thoughts about creativity and  art:   live your life as your work of art.

For the first time, I decided to become an artist


My first memory of drawing was when I was three years old.
I didn’t know what an “artist “ was. I just liked the feeling of making marks on paper. I felt empowered knowing I could make colors and my parents loved what I made.
Invariably, through the formative years, I was asked to draw anytime it was needed. I loved the process of making, building, sewing, baking, painting things!As long as I was creating something and learning something new, I was happily involved

I loved to read, also, and remember visualizing and, stopping periodically to digest and translate words into my visual. 

At Our Lady of Mercy Academy High school, I remember realizing that, although I could have gone into other fields, I was most moved by the process of creating what was important to me by making physical, tactile expressionistic marks. I did have an intuitive art teacher and holistic education there, which is why I realized when I was 14, that history, art, French, science, literature, and music were connected, and just different ways of interpreting the world. 

 I remember the moment when I chose art as my focus, because I wanted to be creating things every day for the rest of my life. It was the middle of the Senior year while discussing with my art teacher the value of commitment to art that I realized creativity as a guiding force in my life.

And so it continues today!