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how To Gently Embrace Your Core Spirit Each Day

dancing radishes watercolor 9” x9” 2019  more info

dancing radishes watercolor 9” x9” 2019 more info

Finding room in life to accommodate your essential spirit is a difficult task these days. There is so much to distract from focusing on our reason for being. I often find myself struggling to focus on hearing the voice of my inner spirit, reminding me gently to take the time to share the love and embrace beauty. 

Distractions that demand our attention are rampant and can be overwhelming.

When I choose to embrace the role of technology and media, as merely a tool, I find that it is easier to hear my inner voice. without letting the process overtake my integral goals

. I get the closest to harnessing the energies of my soul by engaging daily in meditating, being present in the now moment and making marks through my work as an artist. In this way, my drawings/paintings can become physical evidence of the spirit within.

How do you handle our ever-increasing technology? Are you able to sustain your unique voice?. How do you make the time and find the space to do that? II would so love to hear your thoughts about this! Please comment below or visit my Instagram site!

The Truth About Daring To Forgive Self & Surge Forward


Have you ever gotten lost in the details of your life?

You know what your overarching goals are, but can’t see to catch up with yourself?

Yes, that’s where I am.

And now, I am taking a good look at what I have done over the past few months, and have begun to reorganize my thoughts and actions to reflect and listen to my inner voice.

My first instinct is to allow more quality time for meditation. I am also beginning a new journal, with words & images to help me to rediscover and stay true to my personal journey….

Then I realized you may be interested in following this process of rebuilding.

So, if you dare, follow me for a series of short posts as I use my journalling to get back in sync with my deepest yearnings and goals.

I begin now, with forgiving myself and moving forward today.

Follow me here… if you dare!

3 Life Lessons Transforming Obstacles Into Opportunities


A little story about persistence

 I loved painting, drawing from when I was three. In high school, I did not get the best artist award.  I knew I was one of the top artists, so I wanted to find out why. I found a moment to speak with the art teacher. She answered me sincerely and kindly, saying that it was not about my work, but she felt I wasn’t persistent enough. When I left her, I was distraught but decided never to let that happen again! 

Lesson #1 What I learned, was that in life, Don’t take your creativity for granted! Nurture it.

Why I love to make things:

Through creating art, I express my thoughts and ideas. After realizing how much I so enjoyed making things, I pursued art and art education in undergrad and graduate school. 

Life changed …

as I got married to a scientist who loved that I was an artist  ( Not everyone likes that you have a passion!). We had three boys, and from the beginning, I had to make time to do art. I felt I had no time to work on it. Did I let that stop me? No!

Lesson #2  Solve a problem by turning it into an opportunity.

 I used a large free zippered bag and put watercolor pencils/crayons, a water pen, a glue stick, a little piece of fabric and my favorite pen, pencil, eraser and a small/ medium journal. Anytime I was waiting for someone to get out of school or at a concert or game, I sketched. I never had the time to go through the journals until I had to move them off their shelves when we did some construction, four years ago. I thought I had 30. I had 130 journals!

I loved teaching art! 

Yes, it took time away from making art but gave me a window into reading about creativity. 

I began to teach as if teaching was a work of art! (And it is!) Intellectual growth became a priority in my teaching art. I researched the creative process and art history so I could provide my 600 elementary students with creative thinking tools! There are many excellent books on creativity, the best of which I have listed on the handout postcard

My favorite way of sequencing the creative process gleaned from a book called “Sparks of Genius” by Michelle and Robert Root-Bernstein. They were a writer and a scientist, interested in how the world’s most creative people, think. 

They interviewed people from all disciplines..such as  science, math, writing, engineering, architecture, philosophy since the goal was to reintegrate knowledge and imagination across all disciplines 

So here are the 13 thinking tools of the world’s most creative people; 

You can easily begin to use these thinking skills by just Observing the images, sounds around you.

I  often envisioned having entire entire days to do my artwork.,

Uhmm   Not really. 

To sell/share my work, I need to do marketing, social media, make sales, prepare exhibits, workshops, exercise, volunteering, and visiting family,  and friends. I am now re-learning to prioritize by blocking out my painting and journaling as priorities. I am transforming what seemed to be less in terms of quantity  of time, into a new way to be inspired and share my work with others. Last year I had five exhibits!

Lesson #3 Create art from your heart from the material of your life. It feeds your spirit, body, and soul.

I honor the artist in you! 

If you have any questions or want to say hi, you may reach me on my website. Artists need to stay in touch with each other.

How journaling can help develop and sustain a creative habit

A bouquet from the YFCA spring gala watercolor & ink, 6.6.19

A bouquet from the YFCA spring gala watercolor & ink, 6.6.19

Hope is in the air! Now that spring is officially here. I sat myself down with a cup of tea and my daily journal.

For the past several days I have felt unable to put anything down in writing or drawing.

Has that ever happened to you? There is a world in us, and it is vital to open the windows. To take time to rest and wait.

Keeping a journal has had a massive effect on my life

…and surprisingly, It wasn’t until I stopped teaching art to paint full time, that I realized that my small daily efforts had produced tangible results.

My strategy was this: I would always keep a journal and a small zipped bag of my favorite portable drawing tools in my pocketbook. I carried this with me at all times. I wrote and drew what I saw and felt, whenever I had a moment.

I ended up counting over 130 journals documenting my life and my growing family. I recorded places, people and events.

Expressing my struggles and celebrations in words and images

helps me to reflect on life. My only expectation? To make a mark that articulates my vision and reactions to the world!

What a treasure this has turned out to be!

Now I need to adapt my journaling method to my life as it stands now. Read my next few posts as I explore alternative ways of approaching journaling now that the previous system isn’t working as effectively.

  • Do you keep a journal? If so how has it helped you?

  • Do you find that you forget to adapt your habits as your life changes?

Let me know in your comments below.

Rediscover beauty and love, today

Trees-sketch-clouds ( Autentico 2019) watercolor, graphite, collage 9” x 9” by beth vendryes williams

Trees-sketch-clouds ( Autentico 2019) watercolor, graphite, collage 9” x 9” by beth vendryes williams

Do you sometimes feel weighted down by events on the personal or world stage?

Sometimes I forget that each morning when I awake, I can choose to look at the the world and my place in it, from a fresh perspective.

beth vendryes williams

This morning, shaking off the detritus from the day before, I make myself a cup of water with sliced lemon, giving thanks for clean water and lemons. Then I make a cup of green tea, thankful to have that luxury.

Looking up, I suddenly observe winter trees tracing their lines on the cloudy soft patches floating in a cerulean blue sky.

Aha, so this is what I want to share with you today!

On this day celebrating love for each other, let’s take the time to observe and honor the clarity and beauty in our world and the people in it. I know you can do it!

After all, we are all in this together.

I am thankful for you, your support and for your interest in beauty and creativity.

Here is my gift for you, today. You can see more on my instagram which you can link to and see most of this series on the process page of my blog

Sending you much love.! Happy Valentine’s Day!

Notebook - 20150819_170041 - 60.jpg

Announcing: Uplifting Cloudscapes Right Here In Oyster Bay!

let the clouds in  953 Solarplate etching, 22’ x 30” beth vendryes williams

let the clouds in 953 Solarplate etching, 22’ x 30” beth vendryes williams

From now through December 15th, when you get your coffee/tea at Southdown, you can also gaze into the clouds!

It is there that Oyster Bay Gallery (at Southdown Coffee), just installed a delightful collection of seven Solarplate etchings that I created last year and printed with at the studio with Master Printer, Dan Welden and his assistant, Andrea Baatz.

Once there you have a unique opportunity to rediscover your imagination as the coffee rejuvenates you. If you prefer tea, try their delicious selection.

The clouds are etching prints made using water, sunshine and water-based ink, to be more environmentally sustainable.

Clouds never fail to fascinate! Seriously, they genuinely are magnificent ever-changing sculptures that appear as gifts for our imaginations and our water.

Speaking of gifts, being able to look at a cloud every day is an excellent gift to yourself or a loved one! A glance at it is as calming as a vacation, every day!

What can you see in the clouds? Tell me on Facebook and Instagram or in a comment below!

How to focus on inner goals when distractions crush you

Fist sketch in my current journal, researching with my meandering lines and experimenting with placement and color.. 2018

Fist sketch in my current journal, researching with my meandering lines and experimenting with placement and color.. 2018

I am up early writing again because I had thoughts spilling out of my head.

New ideas are building on the scaffolding of this current exhibit. They are beginning to appear in my consciousness. Focus !

Yes, I know how it feels to have my focus fractured by outside stimuli! What helps me is to relax.

In fact as I tap out these words, I am sipping a tall glass of water with fresh lime and lemon slices. Relaxing.

I also find that it is important to look at something that I love. So I surround myself with quiet, images and views that I love. Many times these are relaxing , and they also can invite critical thinking. This fuels my work.

For these reasons and more, I invite you to see my current exhibit.

The exhibit that “we” opened on Sunday at the Shelter Rock Gallery of the Unitarian Universalist Congregation is incredible! Standing in the middle of my marks made on paper and canvas I engage in conversation and thoughts generated by the images and the lookers, is both humbling and energizing!

There is a myth that artists mainly work alone.

But I have not been working alone. All of your helping hands and interested and generous artists, collectors and friends, have made this quality and amount f work displayed in this lovely venue, possible!

I am thrilled to offer this opportunity to you view this exhibit in person in Manhasset through October 23rd! Just contact me or call ‭(516) 472-2933‬ to make an appointment with Elaine to see the Gallery. If you are not able to get there and would like to view the complete “seeking refuge series” just tap this link to see it all together!

I love to hear your responses and answer your many questions about my concepts, materials and how to own your favorites to inspire you each day. Just contact me here !

I am excitedly filling my journal with my new barely formed visual ideas! Keep up with my process on Instagram and Facebook in between newsletters!

Find Hope About Seeking Refuge In The World

©beth vendryes williamsIMG_0009Sep 24 2018.jpg

I am up early writing again, because I had thoughts spilling out of my head. I am recovering from installing the culmination of creating the art pieces for this freshly installed exhibit.

As I tap out these words, I am sipping a tall glass of water with fresh lime and lemon slices. Relaxing,

The exhibit that “we” opened on Sunday at the Shelter Rock Gallery of the Unitarian Universalist Congregation is awesome!

Standing in the middle of my marks made on paper and canvas I am engaged in conversation and thoughts with the viewers. It is both humbling and energizing!

I say we because it is so true! There is a myth out there about the solitary artist, but I could not have done this without the help of my team of supportive artists, collectors, and friends, Matt & Ashley, for their tech & marketing guidance,Ann Balderston-Glynn, videographer. I also thank my three wonderful sons who edit, advise and keep me laughing, and of course, my very dear husband, Allen who has makes it his mission to help me get the work out there!

You will want to see the whole exhibit, so call 516-627-6560 or 516-472-2933 to find out when the room is available n the day you want to go. It is occasionally used for events. If you want to see what is there, here is the link!

Think. What Happened When Your Ancestors Sought Refuge?

We are all in this together (detail of panel 1) of triptych)        oil painting     beth vendryes williams

We are all in this together (detail of panel 1) of triptych)        oil painting     beth vendryes williams


Enjoy the last days of summer!

For me, I am back to “seeking refuge”! Yes, I keep returning to this theme because we all need to find our refuge in this world. Sometimes it is walking and meditating. Also, for me it is in making art!

I became aware of this way of seeking refuge because of my family stories...

The oldest of seven children, I grew up with our parents loving the fact that we were part Jamaican, English, French, and Sicilian. I knew I was related to Michael Manley, former president of Jamaica, through a common great grandmother. My Dad and his parents emigrated from Kingston, Jamaica to the United States.  Eventually we discovered and met our French cousins, who are descendants of the Vendryes relatives who decided to remain in France seven generations ago.

 Both of my Mom’s parents bravely emigrated, separately, from Sicily when they were 17 and 25 yeas old. They first met in Sicily and then got married in Little Italy,  NYC. 

We all keep in touch!

Through my  family origins, the borders of my world expanded ... that I always perceived being part of a much bigger world than the United States. According to a DNA testing I am 5% West African, a fact that is also supported by family lore and cousins.  I thrive in the possibilities of communicating and connecting with people from all different parts of the world..

When I read and see people  trying to immigrate to the United States, I am happy for them, because without that, I know I would not be here. In the USA there is an opportunity to be free and to have a voice and a vote in who represents us. It is far from perfect, but it gives us the possibility of living in a government that protects the individual’s rights to freedom. 

Immigrants must be vetted, of course. They also must be treated with compassion. For we are all related to one another in some way. We are all human beings. We are all, body and spirit, living in this world, together.

I was inspired to explore some of that innate knowledge by creating a visual story. That has been a journey in itself., for me. Yes, That is my Grandpa Henry and my Dad and his brother on either side, shortly after they emigrated from Jamaica.

I would love to hear your story! Tell me in your comment or instagram!

Check out the events link to make sure you get to my solo exhibit  and reception on Sunday, September 23rd. Currently, Fresh fruit & vegetable watercolors ar exhibiting at Autentico Restaurant. Come on in and have a look and have an espresso or coffee!


Reach Out To Embrace Beauty Found In Last Minute Changes

Mid process of charcoal underdrawing on a triptych of three canvases, for the "seeking refuge "  series. Just waiting to start with paint    beth vendryes williams

Mid process of charcoal underdrawing on a triptych of three canvases, for the "seeking refuge "  series. Just waiting to start with paint    beth vendryes williams

I certainly had no trouble finding the beauty in my latest schedule change

and Autentico has some fresh new watercolors on its walls! Go take a look!  I had a lot of fun making them! I will be making more this summer. Let me know if you would like add a fresh little watercolor to brighten up a room. I find making and gazing at them acts like a petite moment of meditation

After a hiatus, during which I painted awesome fresh veggies and fruits from Youngs’s Farm and also Whole Foods, I am back working in charcoal, pastels, and oils on the “seeking refuge” series. 

I spent the day today sitting in front of the drawings, planning color combinations and application with the oil painting. Because I don’t use solvents, but love the feel and look of oils, I need to plan my method out to be “alla prima” otherwise known as “direct painting”. It is a challenge, but I love working spontaneously with a medium. Putting my heart out there! 

How awesome to immediately take the idea from my eyes to my head to my heart to the hands to the surface

It was a little nerve-racking, but I finally began it in the late afternoon. 


Soon, I am having an exhibit of about 45 pieces of my work! The opening is on Sunday, September 23 from 1pm - 3pm. Oh yes, that is next month!


it will be awesome to see you, share my work and hear your honest response to the pieces that pieces that affect you the most![]


Behind The Scenes I Dared To Take The Challenge And Found Growth

I just had to reach out to you a quick note and some juicy fresh watercolors!

to touch base with you about the slight pause in my “seeking refuge” progress., what happened and how I am renegotiating my time and space to continue to work with this unexpected blessing.

 I had a special request from my hosts at Autentico,

to create a series of fresh fruits and veggie watercolors. They are so fresh and capture that delight when you see the summer harvest begin!  They are now up, so feel free to stop in, see them, and of course, they are available for purchase. Just contact me., here on Facebook or Instagram
I will continue the juicy watercolor series,  daily, in cadence my "seeking refuge" series.  for each
The juxtaposition of the two different mediums and subject matter surprisingly invites additional flexibility and creativity in my process and interpretation of each!

So I continue to work vigorously on

each project, using the large studio for oils in one part of the day and my smaller workspace for the smaller watercolor pieces. many times a sudden detour can open up new ways of thinking!

Thoughts, ideas, are always welcome! 


here is the challenge - a struggle to envision compassion

Seeking refuge series is in process....what's the hold up?          charcoal on paper          bethvendryes williams

Seeking refuge series is in process....what's the hold up?          charcoal on paper          bethvendryes williams

Did you ever find that when you focus on something, the universe seems to align in a type of synchronicity to help you expand your experience?  It seems, that when I knock, another door opens!

Let me present the scenario. 

I was standing in my studio, reflecting upon my first charcoal drawing. I cannot bring myself to put even one mark on the other two blank papers! Typical creative block! I know I must move forward with faith in my original theme, seeking refuge.
So I toned the paper with charcoal while mulling over the quandary of visually expressing compassion. 

Then a good friend invited me and my husband to a film at the Arts cinema near us.  It was a moment of synchronicity!  The title, you ask?


Based on his book. Harold Fernandez, MD, now one of the top cardiac surgeons in the NYC metropolitan area, tells his true story. It is compelling, frightening and heartfelt. He tells of his journey from Colombia to being undocumented in the United States.

For a deep understanding of the refugee experience that is not based on dualism, it is a powerful reminder that each unique human being deserves to be treated with dignity. See it. If not available in your area, contact Patricia Shih .

Each time you reach out your hand in compassion, you are sharing the power of love.
beth vendryes williams


Four blank canvases evoke the heart to respond.

seeking refuge/ process sketches         watercolor & ink/ rag paper          beth vendryes williams

seeking refuge/ process sketches         watercolor & ink/ rag paper          beth vendryes williams

Where do I begin?


The sun gently awakens me this morning as I begin my work in earnest on compiling my solo exhibit! There will be an opening reception on September 23, 2018. The show will be a collection of work done in recent years. In my newest work I have chosen to deepen my exploration of the refuge theme and am using multiple mediums in the development of this series.


I began by looking at four blank canvases I have in my studio. My head, heart, and hands were in agreement.

I realized I needed to work larger than before and change the medium. I decided to use oil paint for its gestural possibilities, rich depth of color and sensuous qualities.


Seeking Refuge is what I am calling the exhibit, and it operates on a couple of levels.

The current work underway references the 65 million people worldwide fleeing their homes in the world today, trying to find a place where they can live safely.

All of my art references the personal refuge that the process of creating brings to me.


I just want to begin to share my process with you, as I struggle through the daily work of pulling the ideas and images together. It is soul searching and sometimes difficult to see the next step.


I find your support invaluable. Walk with me if you dare, and follow my progress as the series takes form.

Notebook - 20150819_170041 - 60.jpg

Astonishing, how living in the now moment, simplifies life

remember compassion  study       5' x 4"            pencil/ journal      beth vendryes williams

remember compassion  study       5' x 4"            pencil/ journal      beth vendryes williams


You would be amazed at how hard it was for me to pull myself together last week to balance creating with sharing my work, and all of my daily practices. I had been sick and exhausted and so had to allow myself a rest.

I was struggling to accomplish even the smallest thing, Everything was distracting me! I put one foot in front of the other, staying in the now moment. Eventually, I found this article about what to do each day to keep creating and sharing your work.. I put it into action.

 I remembered to keep it simple. And as my Dad used to say:

"As you travel on through life, brother, let this motto be your goal. Keep your eye upon the doughnut , and not upon the hole."       Optimist's Creed via  S. Keith Vendryes

In my case, the "doughnut" is first creating the work, documenting and sharing. Reviewing this list each day makes sure I stay on track and consistent.

  • Journal/sketch
  • Create art
  • Meet & record contacts
  • Do routine photoshoots, each upon completion of a body of work
  • Organize artist statement, bio, CV, press/ cloud-accessible
  • Create collections, categorize-type/subject/genre - send out
  • Research/document exhibits, residencies, grants past/future
  • Follow up on invoiced and customers.
  • Share inventory list with five potential outlets
  •  Update online presence with news, posts, social
  • Choose to view shows, openings, exhibits. Schedule.

The next step is to continue organizing my space. 
Knowing where to find my supplies and art labeling and updating contacts helps me to work more quickly and with greater focus. 

As life changes daily, these little guidelines serve as guideposts to refer to when I lose my way. What do you do to keep yourself on track? I am thrilled to hear suggestions that really work for you!


Notebook - 20150819_170041 - 60.jpg

How to make a breakthrough by watching clouds

let the clouds in              #953                          mixed media ( watercolor, Solarprint, acrylic, Japanese tissue collage   22' x 30"    

let the clouds in              #953                          mixed media ( watercolor, Solarprint, acrylic, Japanese tissue collage   22' x 30"    

Yes, I have been watching clouds all last year, imagining their magical  beauty

is not only their appearance but also in the way they recycle and process water on the earth! They also cleanse the air when the raindrops fall. 

They really do capture my imagination. So creating Solarplate images by using the sun to develop your image on a light-sensitive coating, and water to wash away the soft film water-soluble ink to print, made sense.

Looking and working on those clouds, made me think about how I could be more ecologically minded in my art. As I began to work on top of my first artist proof (a print that looks different from the original edition), I was using watercolor acrylic along with collaging Japanese rice paper, enlarging the image by breaking through the rectangle! 

Suddenly I realize the philosophical importance of the art I am making. 

❤️“Breaking through the boundaries of the rectangle with the softness of a cloud, is how life is. All change begins with a thought. My art is to make that “idea” visible. Once visible it insists on being looked at.”
Breaking through resistance does not require violence. When you pay attention to the visual, it can bring forth, metaphorically, another way of perceiving.

Through my work process, I understand that I need to explore this concept, of “breaking through boundaries" with clouds. So I ask myself what other artists, writers, directors, dancers, musicians have done that and what can I learn from them? Now i am asking you...

❤️ Have you ever asked yourself why you are so drawn to something, like the beach or the sun, asking yourself what about it attracts you?  I love to hear what breakthrough you have had so comment  on Instagram facebook Linked In or in the comment section here!

opportunities for quiet time of reflection, lurk in the intersections of your day


Have you ever felt the world rushing around you...

so quickly that there is barely have time to stop and breathe and have a moment of time with your thoughts and feelings? Do you want to look at life by placing events and media notifications in perspective as you review your unique inner voice?

That is what motivated me

as I began my search for time-tested, effective ways of encouraging personal quietness as a daily practice. And yes, yoga and meditation are traditions that create space for inner quiet. I have long noticed the natural pauses that occur at specific intervals of the day, and it made me think of an ancient practice in the church, based on hours of the day. The liturgy of the hours is still practiced daily, by many priests as well as people who meditate. From my contemporary perspective, I am making art that identifies activities and appropriate moments in the day that could remind me (and you!) to pause and leave room for inner reflection.

To convey a deeper understanding of this inner space,

 I am working with elements of color shape, form and perspective to communicate the reflective moments. This process has naturally developed into a combination of watercolor, collage with both remnants from recycled paper and clothing. The series has become a layered work, which coincidentally represents the layers of information that bombard us throughout the day.!  I am very excited to share these pieces with you!

You may See this new work at Autentico Restaurant, in two weeks!  If you haven’t done so already, subscribe, so I can send you an invitation to the artsy and delicious opening at Autentico!


inspired by soaring clouds, exposed with sun and water

Why print?

When you see my latest work, you may wonder what inspired me to make prints. It happens that when practicing drawing, I looked to Albrecht Dürer as my the 1500’s He created incredibly intricate woodcut and engraving prints and was thrilled to make multiples of original art available to more people. I liked that idea, and so began my fascination with printmaking, like etching, and Lithography and also paper-making and bookbinding. I also followed Albrecht Dürer’s advice to work in black and white until he could focus on the basics of line, form, shape, and composition.
During graduate school, I realized the dangers of the chemicals I was using in the printmaking process and switched to drawing and painting. I was encouraged to find a more environmentally thoughtful way to make prints by using sunlight, water, and light-sensitive coated steel plates to develop the image instead of acid for etching and chemicals for cleanup! 

Why clouds?

I am passionate about our beautiful planet and ardent that we must protect water, air, and earth. Clouds are not only beautiful moveable 3-Dimensional ethereal sculptures in the sky.  Made of water drops or ice particles, they simultaneously refresh our atmosphere by endlessly recycling our earth’s water at the same time.

Each print is an original impression

Printing by hand is such an awesome experience! Every time I pull a print, I feel like I am opening a present! Although now, I have the plates printed, due to an eczema condition, I work with Andrea or Dan Welden to expertly hand wipe each plate and print on Hahnemuhle cotton paper through the rolling pressure of the press.

I love the anticipation, the power of black and white and the significant sustainability of this Solarplate process. 

What is the sky like without clouds?

To you, I dedicate this series!

Observe the clouds. Image how it would feel if you didn't ever see them in the sky!
May the beauty of the clouds and the intrinsic healing qualities of water refresh our existence on our beautiful earth! 

Share with me a way you find to make a difference and help the earth regain its health?

Earth Day is coming up Saturday, Aprii 22, 2018!


Be the change you wish to see in the world”
— Ghandi

When you see what happens when you "image" or reflect, you will find rich depth in your life.


Journal image from the sheridan farm, , edited to add a..... reflection!  !  2017   beth vendryes williams

Journal image from the sheridan farm, , edited to add a..... reflection!  !  2017   beth vendryes williams

When you conceive of something in your mind, you are creating some  new possibilities !

 What channel of “seeing” are you using? I always thought of it as a visual image, but I was speaking with my friend, Peggy the other day, and since she has never had the sense of sight, I asked her how she visualizes or images things. She described remembering experiences of holding animals and remembering experiences by touch. 

You will have a greater understanding of a story you’ve read, experienced or viewed. You remember and review that memory and interpret it in a way only you can. I 

I also remember the intense fragrance of a small Italian store in little Italy, and the scents of Parmesan cheese and smoked sausages.       I never fail to retrieve memories of being carried in the arms of a loving Auntie Jo when I was two,. Tthe visual images of those delicious treats suspended from the ceiling are amazingly preserved in my mind!

 When the fragrance wafting by is from a gardenia plant, I visualize my Sicilian grandmother, Marianna who loved and nurtured them...and me! I found refuge in her arms, and have painted my memories of her.

Beethoven remembered music in his head

which enabled him to continue to compose long after he became severely deaf.
Musicians, athletes and dancer’s image body movements to remember their craft!

Why is it important?
If you can begin to image it, you can create it.

That image, sound, touch, smell, dimensional quality gives you the impetus to move forward, providing motivation and expanding the richness of your everyday life experience.

 Writers, scientists, mathematicians, architects, dancers, musicians, politicians, parents, teachers doctors, as well as artists begin with an image of what inspires them. You can image with a visual trigger, but also with tactile, hearing, movement, smell, talking to yourself, any sense!

How do you improve your ability to “image”?

You can improve your ability to image by practicing accessing it daily. Practice reading out loud, looking for creative metaphors that allow you to create visuals as you read. Understand with which senses you naturally tend image.
Play at imaging to strengthen your ability to deepen your memories and recognize connections. 
Make things. Pay attention to images that form when you listen to music. Write, draw, paint and bake those cookies your grandmother. of course, tasting them is a just another way of imaging

Let me know what you discover!

Choose to be artist of your life. Be present in the now.


All that you understand on this earth, is discovered through the senses. Today I will just ask you to take note of your ability to observe. Don’t judge, just notice what is going on around you.

Hours series    terce (midmorning)  by   beth vendryes williams    

Hours series    terce (midmorning)  by   beth vendryes williams    

Thoughtful perception is important because it will give me source material to draw with focus and integrity.
— beth vendryes williams

Right now...

I can feel the gentle rhythm of my fingers on my laptop and smell the fragrance of the white jasmine flowering plant on my table. I hear the hum of the refrigerator.  I taste the green the and that almond cookie. I am seeing the snow melting from our nor’easter and holding an image in my mind off how beautiful it looked in the middle of the night when snow was painting each branch.

Thoughtful perception is important because it will give me source material to draw with focus and integrity.

Why is it important?  Picasso, Matisse, Delacroix and van Gogh were passionate about getting the essence of the gesture down on paper. They would practice gazing intently. It is essential that the act of drawing be a process of discovering communicates the veracity of what you observe with all senses. So it is not just an exercise of prowess, but a way to understand what you see more deeply. Scientists, inventors, mathematicians, writers, videographers, all continue to deepen their sense of observation.

I never read that quote before, but I recognize the sentiment because my drawing is a form of communication. In the process of creating, I use the senses of what I see, hear, feel, smell, taste and intuit.  

It is essential for writers...

to immerse themselves in the language and place about which they are writing. Scientists have discovered what they do by search by looking and observing patiently to gather subtle information.

Watching, listening, touching, smelling and sensing are all ways of observing what is going on in your life. Your life is your work of art. Embrace that!

How do you improve your ability to observe?

You can increase your powers of observation... 

by keeping a journal, collecting things, listening, to music, to another person or just noting the sounds and how your body feels as you walk through your day. Be present in the now moment

 I choose to focus on the ordinary everyday things in my work and delve deeper to find the beauty and truth in them.  Every day I see something that I never noticed before!

Choose to be the artist of your life.  Be present in the now moment.

If you would like to read the book that resonates with me and holds the research, you can access it through the link below

Sparks of Genius: 13 thinking tools of creative people. by Michele and Robert Root-Bernstein. Is is linked  in the reading section..

Soar with the unexpected challenge of living creatively

waterscape            journal sketch                         beth vendryes williams

waterscape            journal sketch                         beth vendryes williams

Being creative is defined as having the power to bring something into existence.

 Creative thinking is a skill that you learn as you grow and try to make sense of the world. It benefits both of us to understand different ways of exploring and visualizing. Specializing in one way of thinking can impede us from understanding the relationships that do exist within a diverse world.  Math, science, language, and history. For instance are all ways of understanding the same thing through different prisms or perspectives..

I remember first experiencing this when I was 14.

I loved taking art, enjoyed French, although with some difficulty and disliked the facts and figures of world history. Then one day, I learned about the same historical period in each of these three different classes. Suddenly it dawned on me that I was learning about the politics, the culture and the art of the same period! Then I began to understand the importance of each and how valuable it was to see from all three perspectives with a holistic view.

That one experience opened my mind to  see many commonalities in life. 

 I now regularly see how seemingly divergent ideas can flow together. This causes me to view of the a  holistic  way.According to research done by Michele and Robert Root-Bernstein in [Sparks of Genius: there are many mathematicians, like Blaise Pascal and scientists like, Einstein, who used intuition and imaging to find solutions to theoretical problems. 

Since then, I have approached my life creatively as if I were making a piece of art.  All people, opportunities, books, places, new studies, and experiences constitute the materials that shape my daily life.
— beth vendryes williams

I consider making a meal as a work of art in how it is prepared, served and shared. That part was undoubtedly from my mom! Sewing or buying clothes, I look for beautiful, long-lasting organic alternatives. Cleaning supplies usually involve no preservatives or scents and baking soda and vinegar, so that they are sustainably able to tread lightly on our environment.

And in my professional vocation as an artist,

I  carry a journal and packet of watercolor crayons, pencils ink pens and water brushes in my pocketbook. At any time I can access my "portable studio" to work wherever I am. Waiting becomes an opportunity to see more. I now  look at my life as a work of art-in-process. 

Now, as in creating a piece of art, there are mistakes and hard times. But I learn from working on my art that errors can change my perception to discover opportunities and incentive to make something new. And when I experience tragedies and difficulties in both art and life, they can be transformative, so I end up doing things I never imagined.

I have a few tools that I utilize to keep me on track.

Keep watching for the next few posts as I begin to share them with you!