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Trusting the validity of your visual memory !

Right now I am beginning to work on a new series!                                                                                                                                                              I approached it tentatively because I wasn’t sure I could remember the essence of the moment…I am glad I trusted myself!

unquiet by bvwPINIMAGE

unquiet by bvw



protective embrace by bvwPINIMAGE

protective embrace by bvw


The “gathering” series is drawn from memory onto paper layered gently with graphite.

I draw first with an eraser, leaving white paper and then go back in with graphite.      

I will probably develop paintings from these ideas!

Hesitation to trust intuition is more visibly apparent in the process of making art, yet it occurs in many life moments.  Let me know if this is your experience…or not!                wary by beth vendryes williamsPINIMAGE

  • chironarts - Great Works, Beth!!!ReplyCancel

  • Sally - Beth,
    I find snippets of visual stimulation cropping up in my work – a college textbook cover pattern from long before I was weaving with ribbon, for example. But in my case, I am not consciously calling up a memory in order to represent it. I’ll pay more attention and see if there is more of a correlation that I am not aware of!

    Beautiful series.
    (I must return your book!)ReplyCancel

  • Karen Renna - So the mood is gentler and related to your moments with the family but the technique and need to capture an experience is definitely a Kollwitz sort of form- distilling it to its essence. There is a purity to your expression.ReplyCancel

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